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How to start a blog in your language

How to start a blog in your language

Blog is a medium through which you express your opinion.  You can create your blog with text, audio and video.  You can choose a topic for the blog with in-depth knowledge.  Really starting a blog is not that difficult.  In addition, we will tell you every step of starting a blog.  Initially you may start a blog without cost as a interest.  When people like your blog, you may turn it into a internet site for a small rate.  There are several things you need to know before starting a blog.  We will learn how to start a blog in your Language and how to create your own blog

    The purpose of starting a blog

    There may be many reasons to start a blog.  For example, if you have a unique talent, you can bring it to the world through a blog.  Also, if you are a pioneer business, you can develop your business by blogging.  You can start a blog as a home based business.  Your intentions for starting a blog depend on your preferences.

    Things to keep in mind before starting a blog in your Language

    If you are starting your blog for the first time, you need to know about the blog first.  To do this, go to the blogging category and understand all the information about SCO (SEO).  Because this information will definitely help you to become a successful blogger.  Here are some things you need to know before starting a blog

    1. First select your topic for the blog

    2. Once you have selected the title, select the medium of your blog so that you can start or pay for a free blog, and think about which application you will use for Blog, WordPress, Blog or

    3. Take a while to get a completely unique domain in your blog.  Because it's going to deliver your weblog a specific identity than others.

    4. If you do not want to spend money to buy hosting, you can start your blog from Blogger using free hosting and hot themes on Google.

    5. Decide what content you are going to use in the blog.  This is because users will give more time to your blog only if your content is good.

    How to pick out a domain name for a blog

    A area call is the name of your blog or website.  This address is required to open your web page on the web.  This domain name starts with www.  Suppose you want to name your blog 'My Blog' and then your domain name may be  Of course, you can get the domain name for free, but if you do not find the name you want, you will need to purchase it.  You can get it from companies like Kodadi for Rs.99 to Rs.199.  Can be purchased at cost.

    What is web hosting in your Language?

    Internet hosting provides space for your blog on the Internet.  So that others can see your blog on the internet.  Other than web hosting, no one else can see your blog on the Internet.  If you are going to start your blog on, you can get web hosting for free.  But on the second platform, you have to pay between Rs.150 and Rs.250.  You need to pay for internet web hosting.

    How to create a weblog in your Language

    Here are 5 key pointers in moving your weblog ahead.  You can begin your blog by using following those steps.

    Step 1 Choose your market

    The market here is what determines your subject.  Before you start a blog, you need to decide what topic you want to start a blog for.  Because you need to look at the market value and demand of the topic you are going to blog about.  You can use any two things to select a topic.

    1. Passion

    If you are interested in something, you can start a blog to give it to the world.  But check if your passion is useful to others.

    2. Knowledge

    If you have a deep knowledge of something, you can also start a blog to spread it.  However, your knowledge should be useful to others.  If you want to solve other people's problems with your knowledge or they will use that knowledge, you can start a blog based on that knowledge.

    Step 2- Set up the blog

    Once you have decided your market, you need to choose the right site for this blog.  You can choose any of these two sites for your blog at your convenience.

    1. Free blogging site

    If you want to start a blog without spending money, you can start a blog.  This is a site created by Google.  However, if you do not follow the guidelines or rules on this site, your blog may close at any time.  To prevent this from happening, buy a domain name and link to your blog.

    2. Paid blogging site

    If you are willing to spend money on a blog, it would be great to start a blog on WordPress.  This site is a great medium for blogging.  For this you need to purchase this one domain name hosting space.  For this you have to pay a certain amount every year.  The advantage of a paid site is that you have complete control over your blog and no one can close your blog without you.

    Step 3 - Create content

    This is the maximum vital step in starting a weblog.  This is because users will only have more time on your blog if your content is good.  If you do not like the content, they will not see your blog again.  Focus on creating good content for this.  Also, add information about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer on your page.  Once you've got 30 to 40 articles on your web page, start monetizing your blog.

    Step 4 - Monetize

    If you want to make money from your blog, now you need to monetize your blog.  These three methods can be used to monetize a blog.

    1. AdSense

    Bloggers often monetize their blogs with AdSense.  Because in the online world it is a reliable medium.

    2. Affiliate

    When you monetize your blog this way, the products of the company you are affiliated with will be advertised through your blog.  So you get commission on sales of these products.

    3. Sell your advertising space directly

    If your blog is becoming popular, you can contact an advertising agency directly to sell advertising space on your blog.

    How to improve your blog in your Language

    You have created your blog, but people will not know it unless you advertise it.  For this you can advertise your blog page on all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus.  Additionally, you can create your blog page and profile in this medium and add your friends and relatives to it.  Update posts on social networks so that people will visit your blog and increase the traffic of your blog.  Don’t forget to share links to your blog on Facebook and Cora to promote the blog.  Because in these media you will get better answer soon.

    Best Blog Websites

    Here are some great blog websites.  You can create your blog on this website in just twenty minutes.  Additionally, you do not need to buy a domain name or pay for the hosting space.

    This is a popular blog site for Indian bloggers.  This website is very easy to maintain.  If you use a function on Google, you can sign in to Blogger.  On Blogger you can find typing in different languages, creating multiple blogs, viewing and reading RSS feeds, creating group blogs and more.  Also, its rating on Google is relatively higher than other sites.

    MySpace website is very popular among the youth.  This internet site is broadly used for social networking and blogging, especially in Western nations.  It has features like hangouts, videos, games and songs.  MySpace allows you to create a unique identity in digital media.

    Professional bloggers like WordPress blogging websites.  Because WordPress is so easy to use and has a classic theme, many people use it for professional blogging.  This website not only has various features for your blog but can also give your blog a professional look.  If you want to get WordPress paid service, you can avail this facility for very little money.

    The Live Journal Blog website is completely free.  There is no fee for developing a web log on this website.  Many innovative blogs have been created on this website and users have been responding well for a long time.  This website is open source based.

    You can truely start your very own weblog the use of this statistics.  If the content on your blog is 'excellent' then you can get good revenue from it.

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