Google AdSense Approval Tricks in Tamil Bloggers

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Google AdSense Approval Tricks in Tamil Bloggers


Google AdSense Approval Tricks in Tamil Bloggers

Hello friends!  Welcome to  blog. So in today's article we are going to talk about Best Google Adsense Approval Trick in Tamil . Do you know how difficult it's far to get Adsense Approval in recent times.

But in this article I am going to tell some such tips, with the help of which you can easily get  Quickly Adsense Approval Trickin Tamil Tips  for your blog or website.  So we will know all these items in this newsletter. So stay tuned to recognize extra in element in this article.

    Google Adsense Approval Trick in Tamil Bloggers

    As you know that in this article we are going to talk about Adsense Approval Trick.  But before that we know that what is this Adsense?

    So let me let you know that Adsense is an Advertising Platform.  This Adsense is Google's own product.  You can use it for free.  But to apply it, you need to comply with a few guidelines of this Adsense.

    Now let's communicate approximately why this Adsense is essential. Let me let you know that this Adsense is specifically essential for Bloggers and YouTube's.  Because with the assist of this we are able to without problems earn money sitting at home.

    What is Google Adsense in Tamil?

    So above we have learned about this Adsense.  So now we will know approximately this Adsense Approval Trick.  So as I told you that we can earn money with the help of this Adsense.  But we must comply with some rules.

    So let me tell you if you have a blog or website and YouTube Channel, then you have to monetize your blog with Adsense to show advertisement on your video or content.

    For this, you need to get approval for your weblog from Adsense. So that Google Ads seem for your blog.  So that you can earn cash on line with the assist of Google.

    Google Adsense Approval Tricks 

    So if you are a blogger or run a website, and you want to get your blog approved with Google Adsense, then I am going to tell you about some special Adsense Approval Requirements (Conditions) in Tamil below.

    The tips that I am going to tell are only for blogs and websites.  If you're a YouTuber then this newsletter isn't always for you.  If you are worried about Adsense Approval Trick and not getting Google Adsense Approval.  So preserve analyzing this newsletter till the final.

    Responsive and Mobile Friendly Template

    It does not matter in case your weblog is on Blogger or WordPress.  Adsense Approval is available on both platforms.  So let me tell you that whenever you create your blog, first of all you must use a good template for your blog.

    Also the template should be Adsense Friendly  and Responsive i.e. Mobile Friendly.  By the way, you will find many templates on the internet for free.

    But I will let you know which you should always use Adsense Friendly Premium Template For Blogger.  Because using this you get Adsense Approval Trick quickly.

    Important Pages For Adsense Approval

    Now it comes to the page, so let me tell you that if you want Adsense Approval then you will have to create some pages on your blog.  Which Google Adsense has recently updated.  The pages to be created are available beneath.

    • Contact Us
    • About Us
    • Privacy Policy
    • Disclaimer

    According to the new rules of Adsense and according to Google Adsense Approval Trick in Tamil it is very important to create these 4 pages on your blog for your blog.  And at the same time there is also a need to make all these pages properly.

    Neat and Clean Blog Customization

    Let me tell you that the customization of blog also plays a big role for Adsense Approval.  When you install the template in the blog.  After that it has to ride well. Such as Main Menu, Blog Logo, Favicon, Sidebar and Navigation and so forth.  If all this has took place on your weblog then you definately study below.

    Check Broken Links (404 Error)

    Now we will talk about Broken Links.  Let me tell you that these are those links which are of no use.  Meaning that nothing opens when you open that link, just shows you a 404 error.  So you have to check this Broken Links in your blog before applying for Adsense.

    If this Broken Links is available in your blog.  So you need to dispose of it from your blog.  Otherwise you will not get Adsense Approval.  Along with this, you may also get Under Construction Error from Google Adsense.

    TLD Domain and Subdomain

    As you know that if you do blogging. Then you want a website for your blog.  By the manner, many bloggers understand that to rank speedy, you need to take a TLD Domain (Top Level Domain).  So if you have a site then that is very good news.

    But now let's talk about the subdomain. So let me tell you that if you create your blog on Blogger, then you get a free subdomain there.  Which is in the form of .Blogspot.  People say that Adsense Approval is not to be had on the website of this subdomain.

    But I say that you get approval.  For this, you can't practice for Adsense only from the URL. When you will get Adsense's Singup button on your blog. Only then you can apply for Adsense Approval by clicking on it.

    Google Search Console & Sitemap

    So we're going to speak about some thing extraordinary.  So when your blog or website is completely ready, then you have to submit your site to this Google Search Console.

    Along with this, you also have to add Sitemap of your blog or website in this Google Search Console.  With the help of this, Google reaches your site quickly and your site appears on Google's search engine.

    Also, with the help of this Sitemap, your articles are quickly indexed in Google.  So that your articles rank.

    High Quality Content & Image

    Let me tell you that Contents means a lot for Adsense Approval.  Let me tell you that if you want to get Adsense Approval.  So you have to write at the least 15-20 articles for your blog or internet site and each article have to have at least extra than 500 phrases.

    Also, any article you write should be plagiarized.  Meaning that your article should not be anyone's copy.  Now I will tell you about the image. Whenever you will write an article.  So you have to use Image in that article.  Let me tell that you should make this image by yourself.

    Do now not down load and use from any website online.  Otherwise, for this also a copyright strike can come on your blog.  You can make this image with the help of Picsart in your phone and Photoshop in computer.

    Content Policy For AdSense Approval

    I say you can write articles in any language.  Whether it is Tamil or English or Bangla, you can write articles in your language. But whatever you will write articles.

    Those articles follow the policy of Adsense. So on which topic you do not have to write articles.  Those things I have mentioned below.

    Child Sexual Abuse Material & Childhood, Adult Themes in Family Content, Intellectual Property Abuse, Illegal Content, Extinct or Threatening Creatures, Dishonest Content, Malicious or Unwanted Software, Dangerous or Derogatory Content, Sexually Explicit Content  But if you want to write articles then you will not get Adsense Approval.

    Conclusion- How did you like this article of  Best Google Adsense Approval Trick in Tamil .  You should inform by commenting inside the comment field underneath. Or if you need to provide any form of notion, then you can share your opinion with us in the comment box beneath.

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