How To Install Facebook Toolkit On Android Phone

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How To Install Facebook Toolkit On Android Phone


How To Install Facebook Toolkit On Android Phone


How do I download Facebook Social Toolkit for Android Mobile Android Phone How can I tell you about it today because many friends told me that I have written about this, so today I will tell you here in the bare face of Facebook Toolkit  its benefits or how to run isco in android phone

Chrome Web Store You Use To Install Chrome Browser Me Extension Add-on Facebook Social Toolkit is a Google Chrome Extension Only For PC/Computer Or The Toolkit Is Very Useful Which Mobile Users Cannot Use.  Note, Facebook Toolkit is required to use Facebook Advanced Features.

But today I will tell you such a trick that can install desktop browser extension in mobile or can do all chrome extension in android phone, first of all let me tell you in its bare or what will be its benefits or how in chrome extension android  do use

First of all let's go to what is Google Chrome browser extension or how to install it in Android.

    What is Google Chrome Extension?

    Facebook Toolkit is a tool of Facebook or it is an extension Now what is this extension it clears it so that you will not get confused in the evening of this article, Google Chrome Browser Me Add-on or add to more features from Google Web Store  can install extensions

    Extension is also a kind of software application that you can install and add some new feature to the browser or there are many extensions available in Google Web Store, of which Facebook Tollkit is also one.

    What is Facebook Toolkit?

    You can do those things on Facebook which wastes a lot of your time, if you have to unfriend all the friends of Facebook, then you will be wasted a lot but this work

    You know that you can install it from Chrome webstore in computer browser, but now you will be able to run it easily in Android phone also, or Facebook social toolkit you have a lot of features data

    Facebook Toolkit Features, Tools or Facebook Social Toolkit

    • Unfollow all Facebook friends at once. You can unfollow all the friends you're following in 1 click me all
    • Add all friends to group : Add all my friends to Facebook group with one click
    • Unfriend all friends at once. Facebook can unfriend all friends with one click, which will clear the Facebook friend list.
    • Remove Group Email : Can view email id of facebook group members
    • Contrast all Facebook pages at once: Can reverse all Facebook pages with one click
    • Post to multiple groups at once. With one click, you can post or share to multiple Facebook groups.
    • Message all friends at once. You can send messages to all your Facebook friends at once.
    • Send multiple friend requests at the same time: This feature is useful for making multiple friends on Facebook, you can send multiple friend requests.
    • Facebook ID Extractor: This is premium tool, you can create CVV of all Facebook friends list or ID or email
    • Claim as a group admin: There are many groups on Facebook in which there is no admin, you can hijack such a group and become its admin.
    • Extract phone number: You can see by extracting the account registered mobile number of all you Facebook friends

    These are popular tools or many more tools you get in facebook toolkit chrome extension, there are many tools in free version too or if you buy it then you can use premium tools, next article I will give you similar information  double

    How to Install Facebook Toolkit in Android Phone

    Generally you know that it is for computer but now it has become available for mobile phone also so know how to use Chrome extension in Android


    • Android OS up to 2.3: You must have an Android mobile with Android version above 2.3 which almost everyone will have
    • Free Storage Space: You should have 200 MB free space on your android phone which it will run well, because there must be free space for chrome extensions
    • Yandex Browser (Beta): You will have to download Yandex Browser for Android phone from playstore whose link I will give you good.

    how to install chrome extension in android mobile

    Step 1. First of all download Android Mobile Me Yandex Browser Beta, this is 38 MB application which you have to download and install

    [appbox googleplay]

    Step 2. Now you have to open Yandex Browser or you have to download Facebook Toolkit in it, for that open the link in the box given in Yandex Browser Beta

    Step 3. In the box above there is a link to Facebook Toolkit which you have to open in Yandex browser or install Chrome extension

    Step 4. To spoil it you have to open Facebook in Yandex browser or click on Options > Extensions > I like Facebook Toolkit in Yandex Browser which can see all the options of Facebook Toolkit on the screen of your browser

    Will you be able to install all kinds of Chrome browser extensions on your Android phone or download a lot of useful extensions from the Chrome web store?

    How did you like today's article about Facebook Toolkit, I told you in the comment, I have tried to explain it to you in less detail, but I have explained this topic with full guide in English, if you have any question  so tell me comment

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